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Please read our FAQ section prior to requesting services from Dr. Mendel.


In order to inquire about services and/or be placed on a wait list,

please schedule a 10 minute complementary phone consultation below. 

To do this: 1) select "10 minute initial consultation" and then select an available time slot. 

2) Select "No" under "Are you an existing patient,"

3) Enter the potential Patient's Name, Date of Birth and Gender (rather than yours,

if you are a parent and/or not the patient),  your email and phone number.

We apologize that the only options for gender at this stage of the screening process are binary,

but you will have the opportunity to correct this in a future step if you identify as non-binary. 


4) Once you complete the above,  select "Next", and a 

New Patient Intake Request Questionnaire will pop up. 

5) Please complete this information as truthfully and completely as possible

before submitting your request for a phone consultation. 

If Dr. Mendel is not currently taking new patients, you may be placed on a waitlist.

Thank you for your interest in Marisa Mendel MD, PLLC.  We look forward to meeting you!


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